PureInsanity 12.20.2012
Trailer park boys. Watch them in order. (except for season 1 and Xmas Special (works either way, Xmas is before show but made after season 5, prequel. Watch the making of Xmas special thing before Xmas spec). (101 with Alex Lifeson and Hearts of Dartmouth is whenever). go to http://drey.orgfree.com/TV/TPB (Canadian mockumentary. Drug talk, violence, heavy language. The Big Dirty(only big dirty though) has brief nudity. just saying) The Big dirty is not totally consistent, and is not needed to be watched in order (though that is suggested) The first vid that doesnt look like youtube is The big dirty, 2nd say goodnight to the bad guys, last is Countdown to liquor day. Just press play or you have to sign up for these things (and it cost money). Heres some Extras Heres What developed into TPB the Original Pilot (below), the Cart Boy(on extras), and One Last Shot (not released yet). If you have any idea where "on last shot" is (streaming version only, i.e. I could copy the embed code) email me at logan121896@gmail.com. when megavideo shows a sign, just reload the page or click on the video and go to megavideo. If that doesnt work, exit browser. If that fails, i am sorry. List of alternative to megavideo here Heres the mobile trailer park boys